Creating fragrances since 1830, D’Orsay crafts genuine love declarations


If all perfumes tell a story that everyone is free to interpret as they wish, Maison d’Orsay cannot detach itself from a love declaration exchanged in 1830.

The story begins when Count Alfred d’Orsay, a gifted and eccentric aesthete, conceives the first ungendered perfume to conceal his forbidden loves. 190 years later, the olfactory adventure continues, carried forth by the vision of Amélie Huynh

Maison d’Orsay, creator of unisex perfumes and candles

In respect of the Maison’s heritage, Orsay’s creations explore scents and intimacy by playing with codes. Whether it’s body perfumes, home fragrances, or olfactory objects, they all share a common denominator: a certain nonchalance.

Conceived as a passionate declaration, the perfumes revisit the multiple facets of love: attentive, free, adventurous, tender, impulsive, secret… Each name of each creation is composed like a love letter, with quotes from historical or contemporary aesthetes, paying homage to the lost correspondence between Alfred d’Orsay and his muse Marguerite Blessington. The interior candles evoke romantic rendezvous with evocative names. Through its creations, d’Orsay finally allows its two original protagonists to communicate through its perfumes, to reunite with its home fragrances.

A singular and genderless collection

The latest creations from Orsay uphold the maison’s DNA with perfumes for couples – scents designed for both her and him, echoing the essence of the very first bottle – reminding us that passion is and will always remain the driving force of our destinies. Launched in 2023 and already a bestseller, ‘Sur tes lèvres. E.Q.’ was envisioned as the extension of a kiss by master perfumer Dominique Ropion: this floral, musky fragrance, which integrates white flowers for the first time, concludes the quest for eternal love. As for one of the latest additions, ‘Une Rose au paradis. R.B,’ it evokes future passions: composed by Caroline Dumur, this woody floral highlights the most iconic flower in perfumery, married with modern notes.

Discover Orsay’s olfactory creations at Paris Perfume Week

This first edition of Paris Perfume Week is proud to welcome Orsay and its creative perfumes! Join us on the ground floor to discover, among other things, the new addition to the maison: called ‘Sweet Disruption, W.T.,’ it was conceived by Jean-Christophe Hérault, who imagined a fragrance blending mint, incense, and moss. As part of the off-site program, Orsay’s boutique at 44 rue du Bac (Paris 7) will be delighted to open its doors to present the Love Declarations of Maison d’Orsay through 17 creative perfumes imagined with the greatest perfumers.

This is also an opportunity to discover ‘Sur tes lèvres. E.Q.’ and the recent addition ‘Une Rose au paradis. R.B.’ as you explore their raw materials, to embark on an olfactory journey and receive personalized samples, to benefit from a 10% discount on all body perfumes upon presentation of the code PPW2024 from March 21 to 23, and to receive an engraved cap (among several models to choose from) with the purchase of a 50 or 90ml bottle. A true declaration of love!

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