Serieal Signings: Pens for the Nose


What would a festival dedicated to olfactory culture, organized by Nez… be without books? We couldn’t imagine it! And for this reason, we have planned for you a series of exceptional dedications. We invite you to the Librairie olfactive at the Paris Perfume Week from March 21st to 24th next!

On Friday, March 22nd at 6:00 PM, Mathilde Laurent, the in-house perfumer at Cartier Parfums since 2005 will kick off the signings sessions. In her book “Sentir le sens,” published by Nez editions, she reflects on her journey, explorations, and shares her convictions about a profession she is passionate about introducing: that of a perfumer. Thirteen chapters to read in order or disorder to learn more about her whose objective is to “infuse meaning, emotion, symbolism, and art” into her creations.

On Saturday, March 23rd at 1:15 PM, Yohan Cervi invites you to a book signing event for his book “Une histoire de parfums (1880-2020),” published by Nez editions, where he retraces the genesis of perfume successes throughout history, focusing on the great houses and their founders, perfumers, and artistic directors. From the Belle Époque to the end of the 2010s, this book outlines in eleven chapters the epic journey of this prolific industry, shaped by the world around it.

On the same day, at 2:45 PM, join the raw materials expert, Dominique Roques, for his book “Le Parfum des forêts – L’homme et l’arbre, un lien millénaire,” published by Grasset editions. Everything separates the tree, destined for a form of eternity, and man, on earth for a brief moment, yet they have always formed a vital duo. A lover of forests that he has been exploring since childhood, Dominique Roques evokes the magic of his encounters with several major tree species while highlighting the contradictions of an economy essential to humanity.

And at 4:15 PM, Hirac Gurden, director of research in neuroscience at CNRS and regular contributor to Nez, will sign his book “Sentir, comment les odeurs agissent sur notre cerveau,” published by Les Arènes editions. An opportunity for a journey to discover the brain structures that allow us to fully appreciate odors, starting from our third trimester of intrauterine life! A book that reveals the richness and complexity of our sense of smell.

On Sunday, March 24th at 3:30 PM, Ryoko Sekiguchi will be present for her book “L’Appel des odeurs,” published by P.O.L editions. This writer and journalist keeps a “scent notebook” through stories or dreamlike tales rooted in different places and various times. A Thousand and One Nights dedicated to scents that, according to Ryoko Sekiguchi, have the ability to convey a message, reveal feelings, or tell our past or future.

Subject to confirmation: a signing of the book “Germaine Cellier, l’audace d’une parfumeuse,” published by Nathan BD, by the illustrator Sandrine Revel.

All signings will take place at the Bastille Design Center, in the “Librairie olfactive, by Nez” space.

Photo : Colin Le Dorlot (Marge Design)

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