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lancement de Nez#04, à la librairie 104 à Paris
lancement de Nez#04, à la librairie 104 à Paris

During the four days of Paris Perfume Week, come and attend conferences and roundtable discussions entirely dedicated to olfactory culture, and rediscover how everything in our lives ultimately boils down to… a nose!

This first edition of Paris Perfume Week offers nearly forty sessions with themes enriched by diverse speakers: there’s no doubt you’ll find more than one to inspire you, pique your curiosity, and refine your knowledge. It’s also an opportunity to invite a friend passionate about oenology, a neighbor who is a historian, or a cinephile acquaintance to broaden their horizons through the tip of their nose!

On Thursday, March 21st, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a conference on the Per Fumum endowment fund created by Francis Kurkdjian (Director of Creation at Parfums Christian Dior) to support initiatives related to perfume. Additionally, there will be a discussion on olfactory culture in the Middle East, and a roundtable on young talent in perfumery featuring perfumers from fragrance houses Symrise, Mane, and DSM-Firmenich.

Friday, March 22nd, will spotlight women in the perfume industry and will also focus on the scent of cleanliness around the world, perfume chemistry, and natural ingredients in perfumery.

Nez#15 launch at Ici librairie (Paris)

On Saturday, March 23rd, you’ll have the opportunity to discover how to train your sense of smell with Cinquième Sens, delve into the history of perfume with Yohan Cervi (lecturer and author for Nez), explore forests around the world with sourcing expert Dominique Roques, or delve into the connections between perfume and cinema with Amandine d’Azevedo, lecturer in film studies.

To conclude the event, on Sunday, March 24th, the conferences will address the olfactory awakening of young children and its integration into educational programs with the association Nez en Herbe. There will also be discussions on the link between wine and perfume with Clara Muller (art historian and author for Nez), as well as the life and career of Germaine Cellier, one of the first female perfumers. Following these talks, you’ll have the opportunity to get your copy of Germaine Cellier, l’audace d’une parfumeuse (published by Nathan BD) signed by its illustrator, Sandrine Revel.

In a few days’ time, we’ll be telling you all about our 4… exceptional guests! Stay tuned!

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