Anne-Sophie Touchais (Deputy Director of Fragrance Foundation France): “It was entirely natural for us to partner with Paris Perfume Week.”


For this first edition of Paris Perfume Week, Nez has partnered with a key collaborator for its off-site program: Fragrance Foundation France. This partnership provides us with the opportunity to hear from its Deputy Director, Anne-Sophie Touchais, who reminds us of the association’s mission and, in particular, its actions during World Perfume Day, coinciding with the opening of Paris Perfume Week on March 21st.

Can you remind us of the missions of Fragrance Foundation France?

We are proud to bring together, within this foundation, the community of those advancing the world of perfume. This typically French art of living, whose exceptional expertise shines internationally, captivates millions of people worldwide! Therefore, we have made it our mission to unite the commitment of the entire industry on future challenges of perfume. We also organize meetings, conferences to make our association a place for exchange on the sector’s transformation. In this context, Fragrance Foundation France strives to mobilize the expertise and passion of all organizations revolving around perfume and contributing to the sector’s future. While it’s through the “Fragrance Foundation Awards” that we are known – they annually recognize the creativity and innovations of the sector – we also engage with the general public by educating them and helping them appreciate the value of perfume.

March 21st: What does this date evoke for Fragrance Foundation?

At the heart of Fragrance Foundation France, we bring together professionals from various fields: raw material composers, producers, evaluators, glassmakers, perfumers, communicators, distributors… who work every day to discover, select, transform, compose, imagine, and translate the mood of an era, a culture through the signature of a fragrance, a bottle, and a brand. Because these professions, individually or collectively, carry an exceptional heritage, we are delighted at Fragrance Foundation France to showcase them on World Perfume Day, March 21st. It’s also a way for us to demonstrate our commitment to promoting all actors in the perfume industry in France: thus, starting from this date, we invite you to join us on our social networks and our website to (re)discover the diversity of perfume professions through a series of original reports entitled “Perfume. Professions. A passion.” Its ambition is to highlight the value and richness of technical and creative expertise and to show the talent of men and women who create every day, in service of the most powerful emotional agent of all.

Why this partnership with Paris Perfume Week and its off-site program?

Our presence during World Perfume Day coincides with Paris Perfume Week: it was entirely natural for us to partner with this first edition with Nez! The off-site program we’re involved in is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the radiance of perfume by allowing all enthusiasts to understand what lies behind the creation and delve into the secrets of a profession with unique expertise and synonymous with excellence.

For four days, member companies of Fragrance Foundation France will open their doors and share the secrets of their trades (such as Nicolaï Parfumeur-Créateur, Cinquième Sens, Scentys, Cécile Zarokian Parfumeur, Maison d’Orsay…): this experience will hopefully ignite new passions, even new vocations, around perfume professions…

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