At teo we’re passionate about beautiful perfumery. We believe that perfume is essential to our well-being. That it is as important as a sport, yoga or a relaxation session. It improves your mood, soothes the mind and stimulates the endorphins! We then felt we had to convince you to put perfume back at the heart of your lives, to use it and abuse it! We decided to go back to basics and prove that another path does exist. We want to do what others don’t: shake up the perfume industry so you do not have to choose between a #beauparfum* and a « good » perfume. We wanted to prove that it is possible to own a #beauparfum*, conscious and well-made at a fair price!
We didn’t want to compromise. We wanted it all! We think that a perfume has to celebrate « le Bon, le Bien & le Beau ». We aim at creating a clean, addictive and feel good perfume routine.

Are you ready to join the movement #happypeopleuseperfume?