Beyond our primary inspiration – to create beautiful fragrances and offer them to you in all simplicity – we are keen to pass on to you our wonder at the olfactory universe.

Our wish: to share with you the joy of smelling.
We offer you a simple, fun olfactory experience. Together, we’ll smell raw materials and fragrances, not to recognize them, but rather to explore the palette of images, words and emotions they evoke.

We offer two workshops:
Thursday, March 21 – 2 to 3 p.m.
Friday, March 22 – 2 to 3 p.m.

15€ – Reservations required.
8 participants


Taking the time.
Take the time to create, without constraints or deadlines.
Break free from fashion trends. Daring new olfactory shapes.
Sometimes for the very few.

No advertising.
Lots of meetings and smiles.
And the magic of word of mouth!

Anchoring in Dinard.
Away from the capitals, to nurture creativity, keep inspiration fresh and move forward with an open heart.

It’s a common thread that has run through DIVINE for over 35 years.
Our ambition is to be a free, poetic and joyful perfume house.

Born of Yvon Mouchel’s passion for fragrances and his desire to create an artistic perfumery, DIVINE today boasts thirteen fragrances, a 100% fillable line, six boutiques in France, a passionate team, and over fifty thousand men and women worldwide who have recognized themselves in one or other of our creations.