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Founded in 1976, Cinquième Sens is a reference in the world of perfumery. It offers perfumery creation and consulting services, as well as Qualiopi certified training programs aimed at both enthusiasts and professionals in the sector, covering a wide range of topics from the basics of olfaction to market knowledge enhancement. Additionally, Cinquième Sens organizes creation workshops for the general public and businesses, providing a playful and educational experience around the world of scents.

Located at 16-18 rue de Monttessuy, near the Eiffel Tower, Cinquième Sens also features a unique space where visitors can explore a multitude of raw materials and perfumes categorized by themes. Furthermore, a shared laboratory allows the most experienced enthusiasts to formulate their own olfactory creations.

In collaboration with 15 partners in France (including in Grasse) and internationally (Italy, Netherlands, United States, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel), Cinquième Sens extends its expertise and influence worldwide, thus reinforcing its position as a major player in the perfumery industry.