Designer Perfumes since 2017

In 2017, Ludovic Bonneton returned from Colombia, where he experienced the magic of tropical scents. He teamed up with France’s top noses to bring to life the world that had opened up to him: “Some people choose photos to immortalize beautiful moments, but I decided to put my trust in perfumes.”

Encapsulating Italy and his childhood in his very first fragrance, the timeless Cologne marks the starting point for a collection of rare ingredients: “I wanted to start with a timeless accord and wrap it in a mantle of musks, to protect its longevity.”

A true diary of the founder, the collection encapsulates pieces of life, images, moments, emotions, memories and destinations.

Each creation is built around a strong olfactory contrast, with which Ludovic creates surprise and renews Haute Parfumerie: for example, the smooth Tiaré flower in grainy sand (103), cold incense enveloped in cashmere wood (702), or fresh touches of ginger in an incandescence of cumin (304).

To enter Bon Parfumeur is to stroll into a world of Parisian creation. The bottles are numbered by the noses themselves, and the olfactory experience is that of the creator. Expertise meets intimacy, savoir-faire meets the art of living.